Hi! I’m Anna —
your partner in Video Production, Storytelling, and Creative Strategy.

When we work together, it's my mission to understand your needs and give dimension to your ideas. I’m a storyteller and communicator with 15 years of experience in education and entertainment media. I get giddy about setting others up for success and I'm pretty good at threading together ideas to create a unique and thoughtful brand story.

A bit more about me »»

I’m currently a video producer at Full Sail University. I work on a team whose focus is pushing the brand forward and capturing the stories of all of the amazing humans that orbit in our education ecosystem.

Over the years I've discovered that I’m energized by collaborating with other ambitious people. Especially if we're working to try and solve ambiguous problems.

My roots are in show choir and theatre and my formal training is in design. Translating that for now means that I do my best to present beautiful work that communicates the message clearly. I'm a champion for great design and creating stories that are imbued with honesty, heart, and intent. Also, I'm always down for karaoke night.

I have a habit of unabashedly attempting many things beyond my own understanding. Success or failure—I've always been weirdly proud that I at least tried. To give you a sense, here are a few of my extra-careercular adventures:

Podcast artwork for Care to CreateImage of a video control roomA stack of booksClose up of the inside of a bookIllustration of a young girl romping through a fieldMe at my Master's graduation holding my diplomaA young girl doing home school artworkPurple Petunias
It's hard to sum up everything I'm interested in and capable of. Creativity can be born of a million experiences and applied to a million more. That's one of the things that makes the human experience so special.